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8 Ways to Help a Breast Cancer Patient During the Holidays

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The holidays can be “the most wonderful time of the year” but they can also be difficult times for people with breast cancer. Whether a patient is newly diagnosed, going through treatment or recovering from surgery, there are many ways to help a breast cancer patient feel supported during the “holly, jolly” season.

But don’t say, “call me if you need anything,” says Andrea C. Instead, tell a friend or family member with breast cancer, “we’re going to have a girls’ night” and bring over a movie, pop corn and fuzzy socks. Top off the evening with a big hug and tell the person that you’ll be back tomorrow to clean her house.”

Here are other ways to help someone battling breast cancer during the holiday season: 

  • Cook them healthy meals, offer to run errands and be there to listen to their concerns. – Joyce B. 
  • Bring over your best manicurist to pamper the patient while you do all the holiday preparations she normally would do. Make them feel loved and give them your undivided attention. – Diann N. 
  • Take their children out for the day so they can relax and have some time to themselves. – Annabelle B. 
  • Anything that helps the patient be as involved as they “normally” were. I needed a sous chef to prepare food, but having that help allowed me to still be part of meal preparations. Also think about creating new traditions or activities that are conducive to how someone is feeling and functioning during treatment. – Khim O. 
  • Any act of kindness helps when a family is going through some very hard times. Offering to do yard work, bringing over meals, or baking cookies are a few ideas. Also offering to drive them to an appointment or walking their dog would be helpful. – Julia S. 
  • Shop for them, wrap presents for them, drive them somewhere. Help with any of the millions of normal activities; we want things to be as normal as possible for our family when we have breast cancer. – Tabitha B. 
  • Listen to their story. Be there as a friend. Hold their hand. Their mind can be affected by positive outlook and positive surroundings. Mindset is huge when going through treatment. – Maria R.  

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