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Sugarbear Pro

Sweet Vitamins for a Good Cause

Sugarbear Pro is a Komen National Partner with their Sweet Vitamins for a Good Cause Program. Sugarbear Pro Vitamins are sweet, gummy vitamins shaped like bears. Sugarbear Pro will sell a variety pack of 2 hair and nail gummies at sugarbearpro.com. For every co-branded variety pack sold between September 15,2022 – September 14, 2024, Sugarbear Pro will donate 13% of the purchase price to Komen with a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000.

About Sugarbear Pro

At Sugarbear Pro we care about your care. We want to transform taking vitamins from a daily chore to a positive and sensorially pleasing experience. You can truly smell and taste the difference in the quality of Sugarbear Pro vitamins over the other products. Sugarbear Pro invests in more premium flavors by using real natural fruit extracts that help make our gummies taste delicious. We promise to always ensure our products are: Vegas, Cruelty-Free, Kosher Certified, Halal Certified, Efficacious, and Incorporated with plant-based ingredients.