Tricia Sinek



Tricia Sinek, Community Cancer Program Manager at Franciscan Health System in Tacoma, WA, is a valued volunteer for the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate. She is an indispensable Susan G. Komen for the Cure advocate in the far reaches of the Affiliate’s large service area, and is a natural relationship-builder.

Tricia shares her professional knowledge and expertise to the great benefit of Komen for the Cure. She is often a featured speaker at community educational events and programs funded by the Affiliate, presenting on the topic of nutrition and cancer.

Her generous nature is evident in both her professional and her personal life. Tricia coordinates meeting locations for the annual grantwriting workshops conducted by the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate, and adds the personal touch of providing her own home-baked cookies for the participants!

Tricia has served on the planning committee of the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate’s annual Lunch for the Cure® since the event began five years ago. Lunch for the Cure is one of the Affiliate’s largest annual fundraisers, with an attendance of more than 700 community members. Tricia is a charter member of the committee and helps arrange sponsorship, attendance, programming and décor each year.

For the last two years, Tricia has initiated and coordinated a magnificent glass art project to support the fundraising effort of the luncheon. Tacoma is noted for producing exquisite glass art, and Tricia brought together more than 20 area artists who donated their time to blow more than 600 extraordinary glass votives that served as centerpieces for the event. The sale of these handcrafted mementos generated an additional $5,000 in proceeds from the luncheon. Of course, true to her personality, Tricia nurtured the budding relationships with these glass artists by bringing them dinner, sharing Komen’s mission and providing purpose for their project.

Tricia works tirelessly on behalf of Komen— as a volunteer coordinator, a community representative and a natural fundraiser. Her true value, however, is impossible to measure. We know that through her willingness to serve she has positively affected the lives of many in the Komen Puget Sound Affiliate service area.