Advancing Health Equity

To advance health equity in breast cancer care, Komen believes that everyone should have a just opportunity to be as healthy as possible despite their cultural or demographic background. That is why Komen is committed to eliminating barriers to care for individuals and communities experiencing breast health inequities now and in the future.

Inequities in Breast Cancer Outcomes are Unacceptable.

Hispanic/Latina women are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer later than white women.

Uninsured women have lower rates of breast cancer screening compared to those with health insurance.

Lesbian and bisexual women get fewer breast cancer screenings due to fear of discrimination, having negative experiences with health care providers, or health insurance coverage rates.

Breast Cancer Perspectives in the Black Community

Hear from those affected by breast cancer and making an impact.

Se’Nita Harris

The moment that changed everything for Se’Nita.

Dr. Lauren McCullough

Great strides made in improving longevity after breast cancer diagnosis.

Selena Smith-Albino

To my sister friends: Seek information and prioritize your health.

Dr. Lori Pierce

Equity means reducing all  barriers to breast cancer care. 

Morgan Mitchell

Can I get a witness? Be vigilant, advocate for yourself.

Know Your History, Know Your Risk

Explore resources to help you understand your risk of breast cancer. We have valuable information to help you talk with your doctor about developing a personal breast cancer screening plan and deciding if genetic testing is right for you.  

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Get Involved

Komen knows it can’t solve breast health equity alone. Join us in taking action today. Learn how you can advocate for public policy changes, become a research advocate or start a fundraiser.  

Advocate for affordable, high-quality health care for everyone 

Help create systemic and lasting changes by contacting your local policy makers to create a more equitable health care system. 

Become an Advocate in Science 

Learn how this program brings the patient perspective to all areas of breast cancer research. Make your voice heard. 

Start a Fundraiser

Engage friends, colleagues and employees in raising funds for Susan G. Komen’s breast health equity work. With your support, we can eliminate barriers to care for individuals and communities experiencing breast health inequities.  

Learn how Komen’s “Stand for H.E.R.- a Health Equity Revolution” initiative is achieving health equity for the Black community. It aims to end the appalling disparities in late-stage diagnosis and mortality rates between Black and white women by first reducing the disparity by 25% in 10 targeted metropolitan areas where the gap is most significant. 

Need Help?

Our Breast Care Helpline offers free support and information about breast health, breast cancer, local and national resources and clinical trials from trained oncology social workers and specialists. 

Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. ET and Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. ET
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Help discover cures to breast cancer, faster.
Your breast cancer information is as unique as you are. When combined with thousands of other ShareForCures members, you provide scientists with a more diverse set of data to make new discoveries, faster.

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