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Millions Are Losing Medicaid Coverage. If You’re On Medicaid, Here’s What You Should Do Today.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. Congress passed legislation requiring state Medicaid programs to keep people enrolled through the end of the public health emergency (PHE). This requirement ended in the spring, and many states started the process of unenrolling individuals over the late spring and early summer. Unfortunately, as of late […]

Jeanelle’s Story: Advocating for Herself Led to a Breast Cancer Diagnosis 

For over a year, Jeanelle tried to convince her doctor that something was wrong. “I had leaking from one of my breasts and it felt heavy,” she said. “But my doctor kept telling me I was too young for breast cancer.” The day Jeanelle felt a lump, she knew it was time to advocate for herself and push for a mammogram.


‘Research is Saving My Life’: Sheila Johnson Knows the Power of Sharing Data

For anyone in the scientific community, it’s evident that research is the cornerstone to discovery. But the value of research isn’t just measured in breakthroughs or publications. For individuals like Sheila Johnson, it’s about lives saved, extended and improved. Sheila is more than just an advocate in the breast cancer community. She has been living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) for 13 years. In Sheila’s own words: “I believe that research is saving my life.”

Beyond the Campfire: How Camp Kesem Empowers Children and Families Facing Breast Cancer 

When we think of the challenges faced by families navigating the world of breast cancer, the experiences of the youngest members often go overlooked. Enter Camp Kesem a unique sanctuary for children touched by the complexities of a parent’s cancer journey. Ashley Fernandez, living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and mother to an enthusiastic 8-year-old, offers an intimate glimpse into the transformative power of this camp experience. 

Illuminating the Path Ahead: The Future of Diagnostic Imaging in Breast Cancer

The progress in how breast cancer is diagnosed and treated is due in no small part to the dedication of scientists, doctors and advocates worldwide, all committed to a future without breast cancer. In particular, the remarkable research conducted by David Mankoff, Ph.D., M.D., is opening a new understanding of diagnostic imaging for breast cancer.

Lisa Finneran: ‘Being Diagnosed with Breast Cancer Transformed Me as a Leader’

When Lisa Finneran received a phone call during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic asking her to come back for additional testing following her annual mammogram, she found herself in unfamiliar territory. “I didn’t have any family history of breast cancer, so this was a phone call I never thought I would receive,” Lisa recalls.

In Sickness and Health: Fostering a Fearless Workplace Culture 

By Catherine Olivieri, senior vice president of human resources, Susan G. Komen  “It’s a matter of trust,” as Billy Joel famously sings. Sounds simple enough, but that sentiment is also the complex root of creating a fearless work culture.   Building culture and trust within an organization is year-round work. It’s not just a catchy tagline […]

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Episode 4: Unmet Needs in TNBC

Triple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is one of the most aggressive and complex types of breast cancer to treat. Because TNBC lacks the estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and HER2, it cannot be treated with targeted therapies that work for other breast cancer types. While the prognosis for TNBC is slowly improving, patients with TNBC are in critical need of better treatment options.