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Tammy’s Story: From Day One, My Nurse Navigator Was an Important Part of My Team

For someone newly diagnosed or in the midst of treatment, Tammy recommends reaching out to a navigator. “They’ve been across from someone in your shoes many times. They’ve held the hands of women and men with breast cancer and are there to guide you. If I had trouble getting an appointment, my nurse navigator stepped in,” she said.

A State-By-State Look at Diagnostic and Supplemental Breast Imaging in 2024

Diagnostic and supplemental breast imaging is a critical form of breast cancer screening for some high-risk individuals and an important step in determining the need for a biopsy to rule out or confirm breast cancer. Not all insurance plans cover the out-of-pocket costs for this imaging, and the cost to patients can range from hundreds […]

Spotlight on Clinical Trials: Shining a Light on Breast Cancer Disparities

“In the Black community, there’s a stigma about treatment, clinical trials and research. We have to understand that there’s not enough data to help us if we get sick. There’s not enough data to create treatments that will help us. We need to participate in clinical trials.” Sharon Elmore-Anderson Patient Advocate Living with Metastatic IBC 

April’s Story: Embracing Life with Stage 4 Breast Cancer

Six years after undergoing treatment for stage 1 breast cancer, April learned she had stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer. “I hadn’t heard of metastatic breast cancer. When the doctor told me there was no cure, it was just devastating. No cure? You end up thinking about death. In the back of my mind, I was thinking ‘okay, I’m going to go through this for the rest of my life.’”