Funding for scientific research.

Current Funding Opportunities

Each year, we release Request for Applications or Letter of Intent (LOI) Announcements to communicate which grant mechanisms and scientific focus areas are available for funding. The types of mechanisms and the scientific focus areas may vary from year to year.

We are accelerating scientific discoveries through new approaches and technologies to acquire new knowledge and advance personalized care for all through Komen’s research priorities:

• Conquer Metastatic & Aggressive Breast Cancers
• Eliminate Breast Cancer Disparities (or differences) in breast cancer care and outcomes
• Igniting Big Data for Breast Cancer, i.e., using big data to fuel scientific discoveries that will help those diagnosed with breast cancer live longer, better lives.

Research grants focused on metastatic breast cancer:

In 2021, through an invitation-only process, Komen invited early-career scientists to submit applications for Redefining Metastatic Breast Cancer Grants. These grants seek to answer critical questions focused on understanding the biology of metastatic breast cancer so we can develop new ways to detect & diagnose as early as possible and more effective therapies to treat, prevent, and cure metastatic breast cancer.

By supporting these innovative research projects through our Career Catalyst Research grants mechanism, Komen is driving two of our research priorities: continuing to build the foundation for emerging leaders and focusing on metastatic cancer research.

Institutions including NCI cancer centers and PACHE institutions, were asked to nominate up to two candidates to apply for the grants

Komen Review Process

Susan G. Komen® utilizes a multi-step approach to grant application and review that first requires submission of a Letter of Intent and upon invitation only, submission of an Application.

Applicants/PIs will be notified of Letter of Intent review decisions via email. Applicants/PIs invited to submit an Application will then be granted access to the Application site in proposalCENTRAL.

All institutions and industry partners must agree to adhere to Komen’s Policies and Procedures for Research and Training Grants.

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