You can help discover cures to breast cancer, faster.

ShareForCures is a breast cancer research registry by Susan G. Komen, connecting researchers with information from people who have or had breast cancer.

Why Join ShareForCures?

Your breast cancer information is as unique as you are. When combined with other people in the ShareForCures community, you provide scientists with a more diverse set of data to make new discoveries, faster.

Join ShareForCures in 3 steps

Step 1

Create a user account (MyKomen + Health account).

Step 2

Complete the informed consent and medical release forms.

Step 3

Provide information about yourself and your breast cancer diagnosis.

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Together we are partners in research, searching for cures.

You can join ShareForCures if you:

• Are 18 years or older*
• Live in the United States (including territories)
• Have been diagnosed with breast cancer

*Individuals in Alabama and Nebraska must be over 19 and individuals in Mississippi and Pennsylvania must be over 21 to participate.

How it Works

Sign Up

Create a free MyKomen + Health account and complete the ShareForCures registration.

Share Your Data, Safely

ShareForCures has instituted security safeguards to help protect your privacy. When you provide information about yourself and your breast cancer diagnosis, you are accessing a secure environment, meaning that it is designed to help ensure that your data is treated confidentially. Information that could identify you is encrypted for extra protection. Researchers who will gain access to ShareForCures will only see data that are not directly identifiable to you.

What Does ShareForCures Collect?

ShareForCures will collect and organize your information. All participants will complete surveys on topics like quality of life, family history and more. Medical records may be collected from your providers, like your primary care physician and oncologist, to learn more about your breast cancer and overall health. Some people will be asked to provide saliva samples for genomic sequencing.

To protect your privacy, information like your name, address and other personally identifiable information will be removed before sharing your breast cancer data with researchers.

Want to learn more, read our FAQs.

You can make a difference in improving lives and discovering breakthroughs.

“There is hope every single day in research centers across the country and across the world. Research is hope for the far too many of us who are living with breast cancer.”

– Pam Kohl,

Breast Cancer Advocate

Want to Talk to Someone About ShareForCures?

For more information about ShareForCures, call
1-877-465-6636 or read our FAQs.

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Questions and Answers about ShareForCures

ShareForCures is a breast cancer research registry by Susan G. Komen, connecting scientists with information from people who have or had breast cancer. When you share your breast cancer data with our registry – along with all other participants – you will help scientists make new discoveries faster.

Scientists need data to inform their work. The more data we can collect from more people who have or had breast cancer, the more useful it is to support research efforts. Breast cancer is different from one person to another—based on your biology and lived experience. We aim to build a robust registry that is as diverse as is the breast cancer community itself. Finding the best ways to conquer metastatic and aggressive breast cancers, eliminate breast cancer disparities and improve health outcomes for everyone is critical. Together, we can do more to save lives.

Today, researchers are learning about breast cancer from a small subset of patients who are not representative of all breast cancer patients being treated across the United States each day. ShareForCures offers people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer a way to participate in research. Sharing your breast cancer information with our registry — along with other people in the ShareForCures community — will help researchers discover cures for breast cancer, faster. Through ShareForCures, we’ll connect different types of health data from thousands of people over time to create one of the most valuable tools available for breast cancer research.