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Komen Grants

At Komen, we’re committed to supporting research that will identify and deliver the cures for breast cancer. As a result, we’ve provided grants that have contributed to significant advances in the breast cancer arena for more than 30 years. Beginning in 1982, with a single research grant for $28,000, our research investments now make us the largest nonprofit funder of breast cancer research outside the US government. We’re proud to have funded research in the U.S. and 17 other countries around the world, covering the spectrum of breast cancer– from basic cancer cell biology to prevention, early detection and diagnosis to new treatments and improved quality of life.

We have also provided more than $2.1 billion in grants to organizations that operate in local communities. All told, we have invested more than $3 billion in grants and programs that have supported research, screening, education, treatment and psychosocial support for breast cancer in more than 30 countries around the world. 

What’s more…

  • With more than 80 Komen Affiliates across the U.S., and two international Affiliates, we fund nonprofit organizations that provide breast health and breast cancer services to their local communities, providing help for those who need it most. These grants support services such as breast cancer screening, diagnosis, patient navigation, treatment and education programs. 
  • We partner with local governmental and non-governmental organizations in communities worldwide where a Komen Affiliate is not present to implement innovative programs aimed at increasing education, screening and access to quality care. To date, Komen has awarded more than $20 million in community health grants outside of the United States. 

Types of Grants We Fund

To learn more about specific types of grants, follow the links below.

For an easy-to-understand, layperson’s description of our research and scientific programs, as well as more details on who we support, our research dollars at work and stories about our researchers, visit the We Fund Research page in the What We Do section of our website.  

The Decision-Making Process

Learn more about how Komen selects which grants will be supported. 


Dr. Tom Marshall, Researcher

“When I lost my wife to”Seeing the faces of actual people who are facing breast cancer—going through chemo and fighting for their lives—inspires and motivates my efforts each day in the lab.”

Those Who Guide Our Decisions

Learn more about the distinguished people who help advise us.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board provides strategic guidance and direction for our grantmaking programs. 

Komen Scholars

The Komen Scholars are an international advisory group of 60 distinguished leaders in breast cancer research and advocacy. They lend their expertise to our peer review process to help us select the best science and make the greatest impact on breast cancer. 

Advocates in Science Steering Committee

The Advocates in Science Steering Committee is comprised of seven experienced advocates who work closely with Komen staff to develop training for other research and patient advocates and actively engage our advisory boards in the benefits and outcomes of effective research advocacy.