We'll keep investing in research until we find the cures.

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Research is one of our best weapons against breast cancer. Over the past 30 years, it’s fueled our knowledge of breast cancer and helped us understand that breast cancer is not just a single disease but many diseases, unique to each individual. Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve been able to provide about $1.1 billion to researchers in 47 states, District of Columbia and 21 countries. And with your help, we’ll keep doing so. Because nothing would make us happier than ending breast cancer forever.

Dr. Kristi Egland, PhD

Breast Cancer Scientist and Survivor

“Instead of worrying that I’m going to have a recurrence…I try to use this experience to make myself a better scientist.”

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Nanotechnology 2

From Research to the Clinic

Komen-funded research is helping to develop better chemotherapy drugs, using nanotechnology, to specifically target cancer cells, leaving normal cells untouched.

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Two Sister Study

Your Genes, the Environment and Your Risk

Genes from sets of sisters were examined to find out how the environment affects the risk of breast cancer in young women.

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