Your Donations Make a Difference.

Your Research Dollars at Work

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters, we’re funding lifesaving research in all areas of breast cancer, from basic biology to prevention to treatment and to survivorship. And with continued support, this scientific research will address some of the most pressing issues in breast cancer today:

  • Identifying and improving methods of early detection
  • Ensuring more accurate diagnoses 
  • Developing new approaches to prevention 
  • Enabling personalized treatments based on breast cancer subtypes and the genetic make-up of a tumor 

Research Fast Facts

We also continue to support all levels of breast cancer researchers, from established investigators and leaders in the field to young scientists and clinicians who will serve as the next generation of leaders. And our research dollars help support not only scientific research and clinical trials, but also research partnerships and collaborations, scientific conferences and research education.

 Your research dollars have helped support more than:

  • 2,800 research grants in 47 states, District of Columbia and 24 countries
  • 550 clinical trials 
  • 200 research advocates 

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Updated November 9, 2023