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Questions to Ask Your Family About Your Health History: A How-to Guide 

Talking about your family’s health history is often easier said than done. A person’s health is a sensitive subject, and some family members may be very private and quiet about their health. No one should be forced to share, but you can encourage your family member by letting them know how this information can help you make informed decisions about your care and that their health history may also impact you. 

Executive Summary: Stand for H.E.R. – A Health Equity Revolution 2023 Impact Report 

Breast cancer is a concern for everyone, but it is a tragedy for the Black community. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among Black women in the U.S. Additionally, current data show Black women in the U.S. are about 40% more likely than white women to die of breast cancer, and they are also more likely to be diagnosed at an earlier age, at a later stage and with more aggressive types of tumors. 

Empowerment Through Fitness: A Metastatic Breast Cancer Journey with Alexandra Spinner

Join us on a transformative journey with Alexandra Spinner, a fitness advocate who faced a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in 2019. Discover her holistic approach to surviving and thriving, embracing “survival of the wisest” as she shares invaluable insights into fitness, self-care, and resilience. Alexandra’s story will inspire you to start small, prioritize your health, and find empowerment, even in the face of adversity.

Making Ends Meet

A new Susan G. Komen report shows how financial barriers undermine care for breast cancer patients, often forcing them to chose between paying for treatment or daily living expenses.