Stories about breast cancer that can inspire and inform

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Just a Lump in the Road

In February 2022, Christine learned she had stage 3 ER+, PR+, HER2- breast cancer. Her treatment included chemotherapy, radiation therapy and a bilateral mastectomy. “I’m going to live, and I’m going to make lots of new memories with my friends and family,” Christine said. “I’m reveling in the news that my nasty, gnarly, Earth-shattering cancer is just a lump in the road.”

Loretta’s Story: Your Mammogram Could Save Your Life

Loretta’s mammogram was on a Friday. On Monday, her doctor’s office called and asked her to come back in for a 3D mammogram and an ultrasound. A week later, Loretta was diagnosed with stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. “When I got the call to come back for the 3D mammogram, I tried my best to stay positive,” Loretta said. “But when I got the diagnosis, I was mad. Why this? Why now?”