Stories about breast cancer that can inspire and inform

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Royce’s Breast Cancer Story: Just Keep Going Forward, One Step at a Time

Royce’s breast cancer story began after a routine mammogram. “I was pretty vigilant and kept up with my regular mammograms,” she said. “The called me back at the radiologist office and said it looked like I had early breast cancer.” Follow-up tests confirmed her diagnosis. It was during this experience that she realized how much strength she had within herself. “You never know how strong you are until you have to be strong,” she said.

Long Before Her Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Tammy Handley Understood the Importance of Annual Mammograms   

As the national senior manager of Clinical Operations for Women’s Health at Fujifilm Healthcare Americas Corp., Tammy Handley has been ensconced in the world of breast cancer for decades. Tammy proudly served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and opened mammography programs in several Naval hospitals.  “I understand the importance of regular mammograms,” she said. 

Wacoal’s 25-Year Commitment to Helping End Breast Cancer

Wacoal has been a partner alongside Susan G. Komen for the last 25 years, providing unwavering support and comfort to women affected by breast cancer. Wacoal’s partnership with Komen began in 1999 with the launch of the Awareness Bra. Then, in 2001, Wacoal launched the Fit for the Cure program. Wacoal has donated more than $6 million to Komen’s direct patient support services since the partnership began and has helped nearly 1 million women with bra fittings.

The Importance of Knowing Your Family Health History

Take control of your health and discuss your family health history with not just your family members, but also your doctor to understand your risk of breast cancer and other cancers. Annamarie’s family health history includes breast cancer on her mother’s side and prostate cancer on her father’s side. Two of maternal aunts are in remission for breast cancer. “I’m like a Venn diagram,” Annamarie said.

Wacoal Employee Understands Firsthand the Importance of Finding the Cures for Breast Cancer

Jacque Faulkner works for Wacoal on the bra fit consultation team. It’s a job she enjoys. “It’s the most magical thing I’ve experienced to help ladies build their wardrobe and have uplifting experiences in the fitting room,” she said. Jacque understands firsthand the importance of finding the cures for breast cancer, and she’s proud to work for a company that partners with Komen.

Wacoal Fit Consultant Sue Smith Knows Firsthand the Importance of Komen’s Work

Sue is proud to work for a company that has supported Komen’s mission to end breast cancer for 25 years. “I was diagnosed shortly after Wacoal started the Fit for the Cure events, so it’s really been full circle for me,” Sue said. “When I was diagnosed, the company really put their arms around me and supported me.”

Finding Joy in the Midst of a Metastatic Breast Cancer Diagnosis

After Kimberly Reinika’s mother passed away in 2019 from ovarian cancer, she worried that it would ultimately take her life, too. “That was the cancer I was checking for,” she said. But just a year after her mother’s death, breast cancer became Kimberly’s biggest concern when she was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.