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Wacoal’s 25-Year Commitment to Helping End Breast Cancer

Wacoal has been a partner alongside Susan G. Komen for the last 25 years, providing unwavering support and comfort to women affected by breast cancer. Wacoal’s partnership with Komen began in 1999 with the launch of the Awareness Bra. Then, in 2001, Wacoal launched the Fit for the Cure program.

“Through Fit for the Cure and other initiatives, we’re directly impacting lives,” said Judith Sampson, senior marketing manager at Wacoal. “Komen’s Patient Care Center serves as a beacon of hope, providing invaluable patient navigation through the Breast Care Helpline, including emotional support, access to care, financial assistance, clinical trials education and support and so much more.”

Wacoal has donated more than $6 million to Komen’s direct patient support services since the partnership began and has helped nearly 1 million women with bra fittings.

Sue Smith is a Wacoal Fit Expert and personally understands the importance of Komen’s work. In 2003, she learned she had breast cancer. “I was in shock. I never imagined it could happen to me,” Sue said. “I’m proud to be here today and I’m proud of working for Wacoal. They really put their arms around me and supported me during my treatment. Now, during fit events, it makes my position so meaningful. I can talk to women who come in to get fitted about the work Komen is doing and how Wacoal is supporting that work.”

Wacoal and Komen continue to work together to empower women to prioritize breast care and ensure access to breast health information and services for those in need. “Everyone at Wacoal is deeply honored and proud of the work we’ve done to fight against breast cancer,” Judith said. “Our partnership with Komen has lasted because breast cancer deeply impacts the lives of women. Our customers are mothers, daughters and survivors who stand with us in our commitment to Komen’s mission.”

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