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Wacoal Employee Understands Firsthand the Importance of Finding the Cures for Breast Cancer

Jacque Faulkner works for Wacoal on the bra fit consultation team. It’s a job she enjoys. “It’s the most magical thing I’ve experienced to help ladies build their wardrobe and have uplifting experiences in the fitting room,” she said. Jacque understands firsthand the importance of finding the cures for breast cancer, and she’s proud to work for a company that partners with Komen.

Jacque’s mom and aunt both passed away from BRCA-related cancers. “My mother had pancreatic cancer when she learned she also had breast cancer,” she said. “It metastasized to her brain, which ultimately took her.” Given her family history, Jacque began having mammograms twice a year when she turned 19.

Genetic testing was something Jacque kept at the back of her mind. Once she was done breastfeeding her children, she knew it was time to do it. “My family history made me think I had a high chance of developing breast cancer,” she said. “Deciding to get genetic testing was a bit of a sense of relief. Instead of having mammograms every six months, I’d know one way or another. It was for peace of mind, really. If my breasts were going to kill me, I’d have them taken off. I wouldn’t have that anxiety anymore.”

Jacque and her sister both had genetic testing done. While her sister does not carry the gene mutation, the tests showed that Jacque does have an inherited BRCA gene mutation. “We celebrated for my sister,” she said. Other family members also underwent testing, and they learned several of Jacque’s relatives also carry the gene mutation.

“Once I knew I carried the gene mutation, everything became more real. I have two daughters. So I went into action,” Jacque said. “I’d watched my aunt and my mom go through cancer. I didn’t want that for my daughters.”

The results of her genetic testing provided an opportunity for Jacque to be proactive with her health. “Knowledge is powerful and it’s daunting,” she said. “Because once you have the information, what will you do with it?” Jacque opted to have a double mastectomy and DIEP flap reconstruction surgery. “They used my own natural tissue to recreate my breasts as opposed to using synthetics or implants,” she said.

Jacque is hopeful that through research, the cures for breast cancer will be found sooner rather than later – and that people who need help now know Komen is there for them. “Komen is such a resource, a network for women and men who have been affected by breast cancer,” Jacque said. “Being a part of the Wacoal family has shown me the power of coming together. And through their partnership with Komen, we have the power to let women know about the tools and resources Komen has available for everyone impacted by breast cancer.”

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