It’s more than training. It’s a community.

Patient Navigation Training Program

Susan G. Komen’s Patient Navigation Training Program is a supportive, interactive learning community designed to empower trainees, including those traditionally underrepresented in healthcare careers. The training program gives navigators the tools and resources to overcome barriers for those experiencing breast health inequities and provides a peer network and support system.

Participants Will: 

  • Join Komen’s Patient Navigation Training Program
  • Participate in training courses and events
  • Obtain a certificate of completion and be inducted into the Navigation Nation Community
  • Have ongoing opportunities to interact via courses, webinars, events and community forums

What to Expect

This is more than a training. It is a supportive, interactive learning community with a full suite of learning opportunities and events.

Program Updates

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Take our first-of-its-kind course focused on patient-centered strategies to support Black patients facing racism and implicit bias in the health care system.
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Take this course focused on how to assist, empower and navigate patients through the genetic counseling and testing process.
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“It’s so important to quantify the value of navigation, “this is just amazing… It takes a village to make the changes needed in all our communities.”

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“Knowing the history of medicine and how we were treated as patients…. I pray that everyone who had the opportunity to see the training will think of ways to improve the health system for people of color.” 

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“…I am honored that this program (was) created… so that I as a black woman, can assist other fellow black women in receiving adequate cancer care.” 

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“Thank you for sharing the knowledge this is very motivating and encouraging to all of us. You make us feel value as a patient navigator. Thank you again.”

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Patient Navigation Training Video

Inequities in breast cancer outcomes are unacceptable. Learn how Komen is working to achieve breast health equity for all.

Patient Navigation Training Program Flyer

Learn about Komen’s program that addresses breast health inequities.

Komen’s Patient Navigation Training Program aligns with the requirements for the training of patient navigators pursuant to the 2024 CMS Physician Fee Schedule for Principal Illness Navigation, Professional Oncology Navigation Taskforce (PONT) Standards and best practices.