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Guardant Health Proudly Partners with Susan G. Komen

Summary of Partnership: 
Guardant Health has been a proud partner of Susan G. Komen since 2022, with both committed to advancing patient-centered care and research. Through this partnership, the organizations bring the critical voices of patient advocates into the development of clinical trials at Guardant Health.  

The partnership between Guardant Health and Susan G Komen includes a project designed to monitor patients who are at a greater risk for recurrence and evaluate the benefit of earlier detection of metastatic disease from personalized cancer care. This includes educating metastatic breast cancer patients about the various diagnostic and treatment options, as well as highlighting to healthcare providers the success rate of treatments such as ORSERDU™ (elacestrant) with a blood-based companion diagnostic for breast cancer patients with ESR1 mutations.  

This partnership allows Komen to provide Guardant Health with diverse patient perspectives, reflective of the entire breast cancer community, so that all patients can benefit from advancements in breast cancer research. Komen is the first breast cancer organization to provide patient advocates to Guardant Health to influence breast cancer research and patient outcomes. Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology company based in Palo Alto, California. 

About Guardant: 
Guardant Health is a leading precision medicine company focused on guarding wellness and giving every person more time free from cancer. Founded in 2012, Guardant is transforming patient care by providing critical insights into what drives disease through its advanced blood and tissue tests, real-world data and AI analytics. Guardant tests help improve outcomes across all stages of care, including screening to find cancer early, monitoring for recurrence in early-stage cancer, and helping doctors select the best treatment for patients with advanced cancer. For more information, visit guardanthealth.com and follow the company on LinkedIn, X (Twitter) and Facebook

– Helmy Eltoukhy, Guardant Health Chairman and Co-CEO