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Help us steer towards a world free of breast cancer and turn every vehicle donation into a vehicle of hope.

At Kars-R-Us, our mission is more than just a statement – it’s a promise. We’re committed to turning your generous vehicle donation into a lifeline for those challenged with breast cancer. 

Your contribution supports Susan G. Komen’s relentless pursuit of a world without breast cancer. When you donate a vehicle, we do not just accept it; we transform it into valuable resources that enable research, care, community initiatives, and advocacy programs across the nation. 

With Kars-R-Us, your donation journey is never ordinary. We ensure an effortless, transparent, and rewarding experience, every step of the way. We work diligently to maximize the value of your donation, promising the highest possible tax return for every vehicle gifted. 

When you choose Kars-R-Us, you’re not just donating a vehicle. You’re driving change, fueling hope, and helping us pave the road towards a future free from breast cancer. Join us on this empowering journey today. Donate your vehicle, make a difference. 

About Kars-R-Us

Unleashing the power of generosity, Kars-R-Us has partnered with Susan G. Komen, offering a dynamic vehicle donation program designed to make giving easier than ever before. 

Whether your vehicle is sleek and shiny, or has seen better days, Kars-R-Us offers quick, free pick-ups, accepting all kinds, be it cars, commercial trucks, or vans. They welcome the run-down, the worn-out, and even those vehicles that are not running at all. Because in each donation, they see not the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new one. 

Kars-R-Us’ trusted network of auctions and salvage yards ensures each donated vehicle is handled with care and consideration. They work exclusively with partners who deliver the highest levels of service to donors and yield consistently impressive returns from every sale. This approach ensures your act of kindness goes as far as it possibly can. 

At Kars-R-Us, they shoulder the administrative burdens so donors can focus on the joy of giving. They equip donors with the necessary paperwork to complete the donation process smoothly, including tax-deductible receipts. They are committed to making generous contributions made by donors not only meaningful, but also rewarding. 

Join the ranks of their many compassionate donors who have transformed their unwanted vehicles into vehicles of hope. Donate your vehicle with Kars-R-Us today, and let your wheels steer us towards a world without breast cancer.