Focusing on the Future of Research and Technology

To answer the question of “what’s next for breast cancer patients?” Susan G. Komen is proud to present the Breast Cancer Breakthrough Series: a virtual, shareable educational series in partnership with industry experts, scientists from academic institutions and patient advocates who will directly speak to recent clinical research findings and new treatments. This series will focus on the new science and technologies that are close to becoming available to patients.  


Released Feb. 14, 2023: In this first installment of the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs series, Victoria Smart, Senior Vice President of Mission at Komen, joins Thelma Brown, a two-time breast cancer survivor and Komen Advocate in Science, and Dr. Sara Tolaney, Komen Scholar and oncologist, to discuss some of the exciting developments that came out of the 2022 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium (SABCS).

About Breast Cancer Breakthroughs

Advances in research, technologies and clinical trial results are being announced at a record pace, but what does it mean for patients? Patients and caregivers need to be hopeful and informed about the developing breast cancer treatments of tomorrow. This series will shine a light on the exciting new treatments and technologies that are on the horizon for patients. 

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