Breast cancer can be overwhelming, but there is strength in faith.

Worship In Pink is a volunteer-driven breast health educational program powered by local faith-based communities. The time, support and creativity of volunteer Worship in Pink Ambassadors like YOU is key to the success of the program!

This program empowers your faith community with knowledge and resources to take an active role in their breast health. Ambassadors create and amplify the conversation about breast health, breast cancer screening, and Susan G. Komen’s services and resources. Worship in Pink also provides the opportunity to honor and celebrate the lives of those impacted by breast cancer. 

Worship In Pink Ambassadors

Ambassadors serve as breast health advocates, and lead activities to promote the importance of breast health and breast cancer screening. A Worship in Pink program is easy to implement, and we have everything you need to get started. Program materials are available in both English and Spanish (Los materiales del programa están disponibles en inglés y español).

Ambassadors will:

• Attend a virtual, self-paced Ambassador training, to learn about the importance of breast health and screening and available Worship in Pink resources.
• Rally their congregation to host a Worship in Pink event.
• Share the Worship in Pink message of inspiration, education, and hope!
• Attend virtual celebration to meet other participants and build community
• Encourage their community to take action and get screened or talk to their doctor about breast health

Take the first step to be a Worship In Pink Ambassador for your congregation or community. Gain access to materials, program ideas, resources and more by signing up today.