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GE HealthCare is Empowering the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community by Offering More Personalized Diagnostic Testing  

GE HealthCare (GEHC), a leading global medical technology and pharmaceutical diagnostics innovator, is collaborating with Susan G. Komen on its Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Impact Series. Significant advances in diagnostic imaging have the potential to personalize care. We are deeply committed to ensuring that the MBC community gains greater familiarity with the expanding and critical role of molecular imaging in patient care, and that people living with MBC and their loved ones have access to the tools that physicians rely on when developing treatment plans.  

“Through our collaboration with Susan G. Komen, our aim is to demonstrate the valuable role that molecular imaging plays in diagnosis and personalized treatment decisions. The Metastatic Breast Cancer Series offers unparalleled educational resources, including addressing, for the first time, important advances in imaging technologies and treatments that are critical in creating a healthier future for anyone impacted by breast cancer.” said Marco Campione, General Manager of Pharmaceutical Diagnostics US, GE HealthCare. 

Meet our Patient Ambassadors

Alexandra is personal trainer in Beverly Hills, CA, and a member of the Hollywood elite. Read her story here.

Kimberly is an event planner at Disney and longtime volunteer with Komen. Read Kimberly’s story here, or watch here.

Their journey through diagnosis and treatment was unequivocally unique, and so was their diagnostic imaging test.  

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