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Transforming Lives and Empowering Survivors in the Fight Against Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema 

ImpediMed is committed to supporting the fight against breast cancer and breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL), making a real difference in the lives of those affected. 1 in 5 women who have had breast cancer surgery and treatment are at risk for developing a detrimental side effect of breast cancer – breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL) — a condition in which lymphatic fluid gets trapped in lymph vessels and causes chronic arm swelling leading to reduced quality of life for many.

Our mission is to ensure that breast cancer survivors can embrace life to the fullest, without limitations. Together with Susan G. Komen, we are paving the way for women to have a brighter, healthier future by sponsoring several initiatives during Lymphedema Awareness Month in March including, The Real Pink podcast, and sharing inspiring survivor stories, valuable insights and important educational information about early detection of lymphedema.

Together, we can end breast cancer-related lymphedema. You can find additional information and patient resources from Impedimed here https://www.impedimed.com/patients/preventing-lymphedema/

About ImpediMed:
ImpediMed is a leading global medical technology company that designs and manufactures medical devices that employ bioimpedance spectroscopy (BIS) technology for use in the noninvasive clinical assessment and monitoring of fluid status and tissue composition in patients. The company consistently drives innovation, directing its primary efforts toward addressing the specific challenges and devastating burden of secondary lymphedema with a focus on breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL). With its SOZO® Digital Health Platform and L-Dex®, ImpediMed is the only company to offer an FDA-cleared technology that uses BIS and is setting new standards in early detection and management of BCRL. For more information, please visit www.impedimed.com