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Kent International, Inc.

Pedaling together to end breast cancer

Since 2011, Kent International, Inc. has donated almost $2 million dollars to Susan G. Komen®, creating bikes and helmets featuring the Komen logo and Running Ribbon. The products are sold online and in retailers, like Walmart, nationwide. Kent International Inc. is donating $10.00 per wholesale product sold to retailers and distributors in connection with this product regardless of sales. Between 2021-2023, Kent International, Inc. is making a guaranteed minimum donation to Komen of $600,000. 

From July 18 through and August 31, 2022, Komen and Kent International will focus on the importance of family togetherness, support, bonding and building healthy habits during and after a breast cancer diagnosis through a Match Campaign that provides donors the opportunity to triple their impact. 

About Kent International, Inc.

A family-owned company, Kent International, Inc.’s history dates back to the early 1900s. Kent has been supplying bicycles and bicycle accessories to parents and their children across the US for decades; and in 2011, Kent began partnering with Susan G. Komen® to raise funds for our mission to end breast cancer forever through the sale of special bikes and helmets featuring the Komen logo and Running Ribbon.

Kent is truly honored to partner with Susan G. Komen. After learning that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, a light bulb went off in my head—Kent should develop a bicycle to support Komen. We are now in our seventh year and the program continues to grow. We are excited to have joined in the fight to end breast cancer.

– Arnold Kamler, Chairman & CEO of Kent International, Inc.