Carol Williams



I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April 2018. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but it can. Telling family and friends was the hardest because they thought it was a joke. My faith and strength in God prepared me for what was lying ahead of me. I knew I had to be strong for my family but for myself as well. I prayed and had family and friends support to get me through this difficult time. Surgery was in May 2018 with radiation treatments soon to follow. Seeing other patients going through the same thing and some of them through chemo as well, gave me hope, strength, and Faith that my situation was mild compared to so many of them. I befriended many while going through treatments and encouraged them as well. The last treatment day came and being grateful but emotional as well. My Mom was with me 3 months away from her home and job to be with me. As I rang the bell we cried together as this journey came to an end. We had done it and finished strong. As I left the facility, I still encouraged and blessed my friends to continue to fight and well wished them as they continue their journey to fight this deadly disease called Cancer. I encourage anyone who is going through or helping to pray, stay strong, and research what is happening to them to get a better understanding of Cancer. Lean on family and friends for help and strength. THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU! Believe me, they are there to help you get through. My mom and I laughed and cried together, but she let me be me even when days were not so good. They understand so don’t hold back anything. Be bold but be vigilant with everything. Learn about it so you can fight like I did. I still have 5 years of medicines to take and to get through now that treatment is over, but I have that family support and faith that God is with me never to leave me. Be You, Be Strong, Have Faith!