Christine Mills



Taz’s Journey and Trials

In July, 2020 I was a bit overdue for a mammogram.

There it was. It looked like a banana slug. I reached down and I could FEEL it. It hadn’t been there in January. I’d gone on a cruise and self-examined a couple times while on the ship.

Needle biopsy 8-19, diagnosis 8-22. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Later determined to be triple negative. I bought Dr. Susan Love’s book, which has been a godsend and has driven some of my decisions.

To make a long story short, I am one of the lucky ones. After my Lumpectomy, I had Pathological Complete Response to chemo, and all tissue and lymph nodes came back negative. Sailed through radiation and was pronounced No Evidence of Disease just a month ago.

BUT – God had other trials for me.

My dishwasher had been dripping for who knows how long, destroying my kitchen and filling the floor and under the house with toxic mold. My homeowner’s contractor was completely incompetent and I had to find my own. I had to live in a trailer on my porch for weeks during freezing winter months.

During this, my water main broke and a tractor had to dig up my flooded yard.

My septic tank filled up, costing me even more $.

Both toilets broke. Not having a working potty while going through chemo is a BAD thing!!

My old rescued mare accidentally kicked me in the ribs. Luckily on the opposite side as my port. I had cracked ribs and pain for many months.

Later in the Spring, I had to have that same dear horse laid to rest.

Another of my horses got gastric ulcers requiring expensive treatment.

And the biggest thing, I think? I ended my relationship with my adult daughter. She “ghosted” me during Cancer, then said some horrible things to me that she can never take back. I have figured out that she is a narcissist who lacks empathy. Frankly, I feel relieved that I no longer have to try to hard to be in her life.

Then my work and the town I work in faced a wildfire disaster and a person in charge somehow got focused on me and basically did a “witch hunt” on me. They had nothing. And their Counsel even told them that they would not move forward with anything, because I hadn’t done anything wrong.

And that’s how Cancer changed me. I didn’t care. I darn near resigned, but couldn’t let the people in the town suffer because of this one person. But I will resign or retire if anything else happens. I have enough money and I can get a job elsewhere. I’d just rather have the good insurance coverage for my reconstruction and lift next year. But Cancer gave me a case of Big Girl Panties like I never had before.

I am called “Warrior Strong” and I hope I inspire someone else to be strong too!