DeCree Thompson




I Almost Missed My Diagnosis

For the most of my life I considered myself healthy. I was active, eating somewhat healthy and stayed on top of any testing that needed to be done according to my age. My mother was dx in 2012. I was my ob/gyn doctor of 28 years advised I be tested yearly from now on. I was tested in 2012 and 2013. I did not have insurance the health insurance in 2014 until I landed a job at an insurance company and was able to go in October that year. 


The letter came in the mail , I did not open it for two weeks because I took for granted the two letters I received in previous years” your mammogram tests were normal” I finally opened the letter and was told I needed more testing. 

I went in to the appointment that Im ok. I had an ultrasound and a biopsy of the area. October 23, 2014 I ws dx with Invasive Breast Cancer Stage one. I was in disbelief, I had no symptoms, no lumps, no pain, nothing. I went into auto-pilot to stay strong for my family and positive about the dx. 

I made the decision to have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. I was 41 years old. Having breast cancer changed my outlook on life because I took life for granted and I learned to appreciate the simple things in life , to spend more time with family and friends. I had to get use to the “new” me. I would advised to talk to family and learn the family history because during this ordeal I found out there was a history of gyn cancers from breast to cervical that I was unaware of. 

If you have a family member who has been dx please be supportive and understanding this isn’t a easy transition I had and sometimes still do days that are good and some bad days, I was emotional and cried many tears. I felt no one understood my position My body image changed. I found a lot of prayer and journaling helped thru this also. Stay on top of yearly mammograms, do self checks often and learn your family health history.