Delisa Porter



Stage 3 Journey

In 2019 I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma with Lymph Node Involvement in my Left Breast. No family history. I was shocked and scared. I had to go to multiple appointments and take multiple tests. I was first given chemotherapy, Herceptin & Perjeta. The chemotherapy had shrunk my tumors. So much so that they could no longer be felt or seen on ultrasound. Then, in November I had a total mastectomy, no reconstruction and they removed 18 lymph nodes, 9 of which had residual cancer. I continued with chemotherapy and had to do 30 days of radiation. During this time I found out there was a tumor in my kidney. Because it couldn’t be biopsied, they just watched it until I was done with radiation, at which time I had surgery on my kidney, the tumor was removed, and it was found to be non cancerous.I was beyond elated. I continued with chemo another 2 years and Zometa an additional 2 years. I am currently NED. In 2023 I had some “debris” found in my right breast and had 2 separate biopsies. Although no cancer was found, my surgeon thought it best, with my blessing, that I have my right breast removed. So in September 2023, I had another total mastectomy, he removed 2 lymph nodes and found no cancer. I do not regret going flat for one second. I am truly blessed to have had the best care I could have ever possibly asked for. Yes, I sometimes worry about recurrence, and I let my oncologist know this, so she put me on Anxiety medication, which has helped me a lot. I feel after my initial shock, I had to dig down deep and gather all my faith. I put my trust in God and He bought me through it all. Stay informed and advocate for yourself, if it doesn’t feel right speak up for yourself. You got this Pink Sister