Elizabeth Braun



2X breast cancer survivor

I was diagnosed in Sept. 2007 with early stage breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy and 36 radiation treatments. I celebrated 5 years cancer free and in 2017 I celebrated 10 years cancer free, I made it! Six months later I found a lump in the same breast, no way could this be happening again. I saw my surgeon, did a mammogram and a biopsy; the next day I got the call, I was diagnosed with a second round of primary breast cancer. On my 50th birthday instead of a party, I had a double mastectomy. I had to do 4 chemotherapy treatments, lost my hair and had 5 reconstruction surgeries.
My family and friends kept me going through everything, I had a very good support system. Never doubt yourself when something in your body doesn’t feel quite “right”. I thought I was being paranoid when I felt the lump in 2017, I never imagined there would be another round of breast cancer for me.
My hair is back and I’m exercising at the gym, running and walking. It took two years to get back to where I look and feel now.