Emanda Acevedo

Living with MBC


    I had a feeling, my inner guidance told me I have breast cancer. However, I didn’t feel a huge lump so I ignored it. Then it grew and started to hurt. I woke up from a dream, and thought I need to check it now. Her2+Breast Cancer Stage IV to my liver. It was a nightmare that gave me purpose, 1 year later, I am here and want to help other women. I want to tell my story and the stages of my sadness to happiness. Today, because of what I went through, my purpose has finally arrived. I want to help do research. Travel the world to help women, give them solace. Tell them everything will be okay. Cry and laugh with woman at events, advocating, traveling to those who need a friend in different countries.

    I would like everyone to know more statistics. That we can not just have a mammogram at 35-40 years old. Too many young woman are getting cancer between 20-30. We need to save lives and help find a cure. A lot of woman do not know that cancers are sporadic. Had I known, I would have been checked. But I had very little knowledge of the subject. I thought that since no one in my family had breast cancer, this must be a benign cyst. I waited a year and ignored it. Had I known it can be sporadic, I would have gone before. This is sad. I know that I am not the only woman that thinks that. Action has to be done in our own communities and the world. We need to make woman fight. Research and be your own advocate. I would love to talk and tell my story to everyone in a big crowd. The day my life turned upside down. What a journey. A journey of happiness. Crying, sadness. Love, hope, faith and tests! We are different and our views of life have forever changed our perspective. Roller coaster of life.