Hope Johnson



Found a lump during breast cancer awareness month Oct 2018. Got a mammogram and ultrasound and later a biopsy. Found out on a trip to Florida with the family at Disney that it was cancer. It put a damper on the trip. I caught it early, no lymph node involvement but it is an invasive Grade 3 Triple Negative cancer. Cancer does not run in my family nor do I carry the genes. I truly don’t know why. It was heartbreaking to hear because I’m 41 and my 9 year old child just lost her dad at 43 July 2018 to colon cancer. I struggled to tell her because her wounds are still fresh. Just asking myself why me? She fears losing me too like any young child. I have a will to live for her and fight. I’m living for me but my motivation is to be here for my child. As a mom I have no choice to show her my strength and to live.