Jenn Valenti



My name is Jenn Valenti and I was diagnosed with Er/Pr positive HER2- Invasive Ductal Carcinoma on May 5, 2017. On that day it felt like the world imploded on me. I was healthy my whole life. My doctor, who is a survivor herself, was very encouraging and I had a bilateral mastectomy on June 7th.

After surgery I awoke to my plastic surgeon saying, “Jenn did you hear the good news, your lymph nodes were clear.” I was still sedated but felt such a relief. Fast forward a week and on the frozen section, 2 of the 3 nodes came back positive. I chose to do chemotherapy and started on July 7th.

After treatment I decided to turn my diagnosis, treatment, and recovery into sharing hope with others. I joined Inheritance of Hope as a volunteer. Helping other families and children navigate through this disease has been very powerful and healing. I now consider my cancer a blessing because of all the lives it has helped me reach.