JoAnn Hoffman

Living with MBC


I had Hodgkins stage 4 when I was 21 yeas old . I took Chemo for over a year . I had been in remission for 24 years ,I was a survivor. I was just diagnosis with Stage For metasatic to my bones , spine and pelvis . They say my bone looked like Swiss cheese, I was having a shocking ,tearing pain in my back and right hip. I took 10 radiation treatments which helped so much with the pain, I am able to walk and move around again, Staying positive doing a pill treatment and a monthly shot. taking it one day ata time . I have 2 sons ,One is 20 in college ,the other is a senior in high school . and a God daughter going in 9th , I’m fighting to stay strong and be here with them and my family and friends . My husband is a huge support to us. I am still in shock I have cancer again at 45 . Battling nausea . Trying to keep moving .Stay positive my doctor said I have 5 to 10 years . Going to make the best of it .