Karine Mercado



Warrior Woman

Hi my name is Karine Mercado I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 at the age of 22 years old. I’m 23 now I had a single mastectomy. I had full chemotherapy, I had to take radiation too, Im always smiling, when the doctor told me that I had breast cancer I was with my step mom she started crying I couldn’t I knew God was with me throu that journey.

The doctor asked me if was in shock because I didn’t cry I wasn’t surprised, told her “no I’m not afraid and don’t ask but I know I’m gonna be ok”. On my doctor office I’m the youngest patient I get a lot you are to young for breast cancer my answer is I know but know I can help other women with my story and experience. It wasn’t easy for me and my family. I’m the fist women of the family diagnosed with breast cancer. I want to speak up to those young woman who think because we are young we are untouchable to breast cancer. Cancer doesn’t respect ages anymore. I call myself a warrior woman because it ain’t easy look your self at the mirror with one breast, but I’m healthy again and that all that it matters. God bless me with the cancer, he’s showing to see life from a different perspective.

Keep fighting girls don’t lose that hope and Love and enjoy life, because life is to short.