Kate Mina



Survivor: Her mother

I recently had a heartwarming experience in Northwest Arkansas, all the way from California! My mother was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Although her prognosis is very, very good, it is still a difficult time for her, my father and our family. My mom just started her chemotherapy and is beginning to feel some ill effects. It is difficult for me because I can’t be there to help her out, visit or bring her the things she needs.

I’ve been reading a lot online, including postings from other cancer patients and survivors, some of whom wrote that fruit was refreshing, especially fresh squeezed orange juice and lemons/lemon juice. We’ve been putting together a care package for her, and in addition, the kids and I thought it would be nice to find a way to get fresh fruit to grandma during the next several months while she is undergoing chemotherapy. I searched for grocery stores in Springdale, Arkansas and found a site for Harps Food Stores. I clicked on their site and saw that their stores offer fruit baskets. I emailed to get more information and to find out if they have delivery service although I didn’t think they did because it wasn’t indicated anywhere on their website.


The next day, I received an email from Dennis Baker, Director of Produce for Harps Food Stores in Springdale. He offered to help me make the arrangements, asked what kind of delivery schedule I wanted and said he needed my parents’ contact information. We exchanged a couple more emails detailing when, where and what types of fruits I wanted delivered. I also asked for the cost or a cost estimate if possible. He responded that, beginning February 19, he would personally deliver the baskets and there would not be a charge for this service.

Here I was, eighteen hours after sending my initial inquiry, not only with the exciting news that I could get the baskets and get them delivered, but with multiple correspondences from the Director of Produce offering to do this for me HIMSELF. I had to call and clarify. Mr. Baker, sitting at his desk in the Corporate Offices, clarified that not only was the delivery free, but so were the fruit baskets….all seven of them delivered every other week for the next fourteen weeks! I couldn’t believe it. I am overwhelmed by his touching, selfless, thoughtful and generous act of kindness.

I’m still trying to find a way to express to him how thankful I am. My first idea is to try to share my experience with others. I hope my story puts a smile on a lot of faces. Those smiles, like my fruit baskets, are compliments of Mr. Dennis Baker, Director of Produce for Harps Foods in Springdale.