Leslie Kieltyka

Living with MBC


I was diagnosed with stage 4 in 2017. I was originally diagnosed in 2001 with stage 2 and I thought that was that. So as I say one day can change your life and everyone close forever, and not in a good way. Of course it sucks I will be honest, it is like being bio-polar, the ups and downs. I have it in lung, spine, hips and a few other places. I’m on IBrance and Faslodex. I do get a little aggravated with people asking when are my treatments done. I will always say when I’m dead, not trying to be mean but honest. I will say this type of Cancer is on the back burner and should be studied way more! If I sound a little bitter I am, I hope it goes away. I feel like this is a second job, always on the road. Appointments, scans, treatments and so on. I feel I get as good of treatment as I can for what they have. My friend had bone cancer in almost every bone except one finger! Now she is cancer free from bone marrow transplant, I’m so thrilled she is cured! We don’t have that choice, yes maybe one day we will. I’m going through my radiation treatments however I had to stop due to wbc. I believe one day we might have more choices, but for now the cancer is out smarting the cancer and have to change treatment. I give my oncologist fits on questions and medications but it’s me, a Nurse through and through. Keep up on your care, ask and ask! Read updates and new treatments, trials and don’t forget about second options, you have that choice. Good luck with what ever you decide.