Lourdes Caballero



Hi! My story began when I noticed a rare shape on my left breast. It looked like something pointy create a mark and I thought it was the wire of an old bra. That happened on November 2014 exactly 3 months after my husband was deployed with the US Navy. The fact that I was alone with 2 girls and no family around, made it even more challenging and much more sad. BUT, that gave me more strength and courage to fight for them and most importantly keep it quiet. They were little and did not need another sad event in their lives. I am doing great now, but deep in my heart I would like to start a group for all those women who are alone battling while their husband are far away. I’ve never written my story anywhere, but I am very close to my 5th year and I hope this opportunity provides some kind of ways to open the door for those military families in need. I thank GOD every day and I think about those women every day. I also think about my daughters and hope that the CURE is soon to be found. Best Regards and Happy Holiday, Lourdes C.