Marcella Kelly



Never ask why

March 2019 a month and year that will not be easy to forget. I received my DCIS diagnosis on a bright, chilly day that turned colder as my husband and I listened to the Radiologist whom performed the biopsy just a few days earlier. From that moment on, I felt I was on auto pilot. One appointment after the other, surgery, recovery, radiation! My husband and my wonderful support team of family, friends , the wonderful nurses and radiation oncologist made life beautiful! I survived! I was diagnosed in December 2020 with chronic Lymphedema of my right breast, shoulder and upper back. Today, my surgeon is extremely happy with my progress after months of compression treatment and therapy! Again , my husband, family, friends, the physical therapist and my surgeon make life beautiful!

Gather your support team, let them carry you, so you can focus on you!
I never asked why! Prayers to all warriors, survivors and all the Angel’s.