Marci Cox



I was diagnosed Nov. 2018 while waiting for my oldest daughter’s swim lesson to start. I put a call in as I was waiting all day and I heard those words “I’m so sorry you have cancer.”

I immediately was in shock, got up and told my daughter we are leaving as I burst out crying. She didn’t know what was going on and I scared her. From there I knew I needed to remain positive, I got fun wigs to make my girls not be scared. I had a bye-bye boobie party with friends and family. When I knew I was going to have to have chemo I cut my hair short, colored it pink and the morning I started losing hair I shaved my head into a mohawk. I had fun with it.

I tried to remain upbeat around them and cried by myself. I decided to remain flat and couldn’t find books that really mentioned that so I started writing and just released a children’s book Mommy Has a Boo-Boo: Explaining Breast Cancer to Children. It touches base about the stages mommy goes through, from having surgery, to losing her breast and losing her hair. I hope from this book kids are able to cope with the changes they see in their mom/grandma/aunt. I believe staying positive helped me get through this.