Robin Dittberner



Treatment: Mastectomy, chemotherapy and radiation and reconstruction surgery

My mom, my best friend, was diagnosed with IDC when she was 47 years old. She fought so hard and lost her battle on October 7, 1993. I was diagnosed with IDC at the age of 45 in May 2005. I had my surgery and six rounds of chemo, 36 radiation treatments.

That was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life. Cancer consumes you daily, even after treatments end. You always have, in the back of your mind: is it back, will it come back? It is so important to keep all of your appointments and follow up with anything that seems out of the norm for yourself.

On May 9, 2006, I had my six-month mammogram and it was clean. I now count from the 9th of May 2006, each month. So far, so good! In November, I finally get my reconstruction. I could not have gone through this alone—thank God for my wonderful husband Mark, my kids and grandkids, my family and co-workers.

I have a lot to live for—our three wonderful children, Barb, Rich and his wife Sarah. Our son was married in April of 2006, and I had just enough hair to get it styled! Our two terrific grandkids, Jay who is six now and that new granddaughter, Jalece, is now two.

And, in May, Rich and Sarah will be giving us another grandchild. Robin’s Team walks each year in the Race for the Cure®. I AM TRULY BLESSED.