Senell Gross



So hi my name is Jala Gross I am a daughter of a breast cancer survivor..My mom was always smiling and happy.. One day me and my niece was taking care of her and she just came out and said I’m ready to be with god me and raven thought it was just her medicine a couple months after that she passed its been a journey we been taking one day at a time.I was 13 years old i am 14 years old now its been 1 year since we been without her its been hard times.. If i can make a messages to any kid that read this is that please respect your mom or grandmother because one day is you are gone to wake up and not be there anymore you are going to regret everything. Your parents will always have your back even when times you feel like they turned they back on you. Everyday you wake up and see your mom or grandma you tell them you love them because when its time for them to go its gone be to late. Please respect your mom. I know kids with parents going through cancer just pray and everything will get better.. I promise you that. It may seem like sometimes you are alone just no you are never alone Thanks for reading