Shanta Dixson


Hello, my name is Shanta’ Dixson. My girlfriend’s name is Patricia Wansley and she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2015. She had to have both breasts removed and go through chemo treatments and they had beat the cancer. I didn’t know her during this time but I know her now and we believe that Patricia will beat this disease again! She went to the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital in Chicago on October 11, 2018 due to bad coughing, shortness of breathe, and chest pain. After reviewing the blood work, CT scan, X-rays, and other tests, they stated that the cancer had returned and that it had spread into her lungs. Patricia didn’t think that the cancer would come back, she thought she had beat this 3 years ago! However, through the grace and healing from the Lord, we will beat this again. I’ve never been through this with anyone that I’m in love with before, and I’m going to remain by her side while we are going through this and afterwards! I know that she has her sisters, her mom, and her entire side of the family praying for her. With the Lord, and all her support systems helping her, encouraging her, and praying with her, we can get through this with peace and we will beat this cancer again. She doesn’t know that I’m posting this story, but I know she will overcome and be able to share her testimony with others!