Life After Treatment

Your treatment is over and you’re ready to throw yourself back into your daily routine. But you’re not the same person you once were; you’ve changed. You may have a new appreciation for life, a renewed zeal for your passions or a surprising ability to not sweat the small stuff. Or maybe, like Kate Mina, you enjoy a restored faith in the kindness of strangers. (Read Kate’s story here.)  But as someone with a history of breast cancer, you’ll also have concerns all your own.

What To Be Aware Of

If you’ve recently completed treatment, you may feel anxious, afraid of the cancer coming back or have a hard time resuming your normal activities. For months or even years after treatment, you may have lingering side effects. And no matter when your treatment ended, you’ll need to have regular follow-up visits with your health care provider for the rest of your life. Staying involved in the breast cancer community may be help at this point. Many survivors say that using their experiences to assist others instills a great sense of purpose and personal satisfaction.

How we’re helping

Thanks in part to Susan G. Komen®’s investment in research in early detection and treatment, breast cancer mortality (death) in women in the U.S. declined 40 percent from 1989-2017 [1].