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Jones Brothers Bring Pink to the NBA in Honor of Mother

NBA players and brothers Tre and Tyus Jones are kicking off the 2023-2024 NBA season by dedicating their first two games to their mother, Debbie Jones, who is a breast cancer survivor.

Tre (Guard, San Antonio Spurs) and Tyus (Guard, Washington Wizards) are teaming up with Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, to cap off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and honor Debbie along with millions of breast cancer survivors around the world.

Tre and Tyus will suit up in pink gear for the games. Breast cancer survivors in both cities have been invited to these games and will have a chance to meet and greet the brothers and their mom in their respective cities.

Debbie will attend the San Antonio Spurs game on Friday, October 27 against the Houston Rockets. Tre and Debbie will meet with Komen breast cancer survivors after the game. On Monday, October 30, Debbie will attend the Washington Wizards home game against the Boston Celtics, where she and Tyus will have the chance to meet with Komen breast cancer survivors after the game.

Both players will donate a pair of pink sneakers to Susan G. Komen. The monies raised will support Komen’s mission to advocate for breast cancer patients, drive research breakthroughs, improve access to high-quality care, offer direct patient support and empower people with trustworthy information.

“We appreciate the attention Tre and Tyus are bringing to breast cancer by honoring their mother and sharing her experience with NBA fans. Breast cancer is relentless, but we can save more lives by making more people aware of this disease so they can take action and prioritize their breast health,” said Adrienne Johnson, executive director of Susan G. Komen DMV Tri-State.