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Komen Closes Gaps with High-Quality Breast Support Every Step of the Way 

Top 5 Ways Komen’s Patient Care Center Navigates People Through Their Breast Health Care Journey

DALLAS – For many, the path to high-quality breast health care is complex and challenging even in the best circumstances. People from underresourced communities, especially women of color, encounter even more barriers to care as they make their way through a fragmented health care system. 

Susan G. Komen® is committed to ensuring all people receive the support and high-quality care they need at every step of their breast health journey. “Komen’s Patient Care Center is a game changer for people facing breast cancer,” says Komen’s Vice President of Community Health, Cati Diamond Stone, “Our incredible navigators act as trusted guides through the health care system, ensuring no one has to face this disease alone.” 

The Patient Care Center (PCC) navigators are culturally responsive and dedicated care partners who offer free, personalized services to patients, caregivers and family members. “When I’m working with people in treatment, I want them to know they can trust me to help find answers and resources,” says Roselyn White, a Komen Patient Navigator. “Cancer is the biggest blow, and I want to help cushion it.” 

Here are the top 5 ways Komen’s PCC navigators provide support throughout your breast health care experience:  

  1. We provide information and educational resources about breast cancer screening and treatment options.   
    Through our free Breast Care Helpline, you are immediately connected with a navigator who can provide helpful information on everything you need to know, from breast cancer screening to treatment options, as well as clinical trials, support resources, and genetic counseling and testing.  
  1. We help you better understand your breast cancer diagnosis.  
    We know that a breast cancer diagnosis is overwhelming, and our navigators can provide a better understanding of what your diagnosis means and what it means for your treatment. Komen navigators can also provide support to your loved ones and caregivers too.  
  1. We connect you with resources and financial support.   
    Our navigators are an essential link to the resources you need to manage your breast health. We assess your individualized needs and help you get access to breast health and breast cancer services, financial assistance and more to make sure nothing stands in the way of you getting the care you need.    
  1. We provide emotional support.  
    Dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis is tough, as is waiting on test results or finding the courage to support a loved one through it all. Our navigators provide emotional support and guidance to help address the feelings that come with these challenges.  
  1. We hold your hand every step of the way throughout your experience. 
    Like a trusted friend, our navigators stay with you for as long as you need them – for a day, a month or even longer.   

To learn more about Komen’s PCC resources and support, visit: To get help, call (877) 465-6636 or email   

For more information about how you can become a patient navigator for others, visit: