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Susan G. Komen® Named a 2019 Halo Award Winner

Komen/Zynga’s Play Pink for the Cure Campaign Takes Silver in “Best Consumer-Activated Corporate Donation” Category

Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization and Zynga, producer of the popular free mobile game, Words With Friends, were recently recognized with the 2019 Silver Halo Award in the “Best Digital” category, for their Words With Friends 2 “Play Pink for the Cure” campaign.

In October 2018, Komen and Zynga’s Word With Friends 2 hosted a special Play Pink for the Cure in-game event in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, challenging players to collectively play 6 million Pink Ribbon tile styles. To further boost in-game engagement, Words With Friends 2 selected 10 event words and corresponding facts that related to breast cancer. Players were encouraged to utilize these words in their daily play for additional points. Once a word was successfully played, the game automatically prompted a breast cancer fact to educate players about breast cancer statistics and what Susan G. Komen is doing to fight it.

As a result, the Play Pink for the Cure campaign drove the highest feature adoption rate ever seen in Words With Friends with over 10 million tiles played by the Words With Friends community; far surpassing the 6 million tile goal. The overwhelmingly positive response from players resulted in a $100,000 corporate donation from Zynga and many individuals joined Zynga by self-donating, raising an incremental $5,796 for the cause.

“The Halo Awards were created nearly two decades ago to publicly recognize best in class corporate social impact programs. This year’s winners are a wonderful representation of the effective and innovative ways companies and causes can work together to build a better world and the bottom line,” said Engage for Good President David Hessekiel.

The Halo Awards are North America’s highest honor for corporate social impact initiatives and cause marketing and are presented by Engage for Good. This year marks the 17th event in which Engage for Good honors businesses and nonprofits with Halo Awards for doing well by doing good.

A total of 24 category awards will be given out to programs judged the best cause marketing campaigns of 2018 at the 17th Annual Engage for Good conference in Chicago on May 30th, 2019.

A list of the Cause Marketing Halo Award finalists can be seen at