Ahjaynay West



I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2015. I just turned 40 in April. At first when I was diagnosed I was very emotional, scared, stressed ouit. Words do not express well how I was feeling. But as I was going through all of my testings, exams, speaking with oncologists and praying I became more stronger. This is not a easy journey for me but I truly believe Im healed and just going through the process. I have started my chemo treatments and I must say it’s a different type of tirediness but Im not going to complain and going to continue to be positive and walk in Faith. I truly believe I will be a survior and as soon as Im in remission I will have a Awesome Testimony and will be able to another woman(s) may have also have to go through this journey Im experiencing. God is Good and We All Are Survivors!!!