Ana Monsegue



Guerrera in Spanish means – warrior , a person engaged in battle. My story began about 5 years ago when I first developed a rare cancer in ampulla of Vator , stage 3. My prognosis was poor . Why me ? how? I had no risk factors i don’t smoke , love an active lifestyle , eat generally healthy . but my biggest risk was yet to be determined. I later learned through genetic testing I carried the BRCA2 gene . Little did I know this gene is not only linked to ovarian and breast cancer but also GI and pancreatic cancers. I underwent chemotherapy along with an extensive 6 hours surgery known as the whipple procedure . When I learned that I carried the gene , I decided I was going to fight with every fiber of my body. I underwent a total hysterectomy at age 40. I later made the decision to undergo a bilateral mastectomy The decision was not easy, but thought of having to face cancer again was always in the back of mind . For months after my recovery from chemotherapy , i decided to train myself similar to a warrior or soldier preparing for battle . I exercised and through the help of my friend and personal trainer, I developed a strongest body & mind in preparation for my mastectomy. I followed a diet plan and made my body the battle field . I meditated on healing and learning as much as I could about the journey that I was facing . On march 7,2023 I finally had my procedure. I am currently undergoing reconstruction. This process has taught me so much about resiliency and I hope to encourage other women facing the same battle .We are all warriors in my eyes And I hope to reach as many women to encourage them to get genetic testing and not be fearful . What encourages me , my faith in God and my son . He has shown me that we all have a purpose and must continue to persevere regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

I want to thank All those who have encouraged me to share my story and supported me during this process. It takes a village.