Angela Luce-Powell



My life changed for ever

I was diagnosed with DCIS stage 0 on December 7, 2012 Thanks to my yearly mammogram! I was 45 years old. After a whirlwind of emotions and hard decisions I had double mastectomies on January 18th 2013 and two more reconstruction surgeries that year. Due to the cancer not being in any lyphnodes and my choice to have both breasts removed I did not need any further treatments! It was a very emotional time for me. I was in a daze, scared, mad, but when it finally sunk in I decided I was going to fight like crazy! Whatever it took. I am 2 years cancer free and living life to it’s fullest! I am recently married to a man that I love with all of my heart! Early diagnosis made it possible for me to beat breast cancer and meet the man of my dreams!