Angela Palmieri



I believe I received my diagnosis for a purpose larger than me… so that my experience could help others find their resilience, learn about themselves and thrive no matter what they face—starting first, with their mindset and internal dialogue. Ultimately, whatever anyone struggles with – there is a way to accept it, use it, and transcend it, leaving that experience better than before. For me, breast cancer was that catalyst of change in my life and for those around me. Along the way, I learned each person has a different experience with cancer, whether you are the patient, family, or friend there is not a right or wrong way to handle it, everyone does his or her best. However, a common thread I witnessed and lived, is that regardless of the diagnosis or treatment plan… it is a fight to some degree for everyone in one way or another. This ‘FIGHT’ if you choose to ‘use it’ can become a TRANSFORMATION. I love to tell stories, produce and create. I had been waiting for a story to resonate with me to produce that was my own, because everything I had worked on originated from another person’s project or idea. Ironically this diagnosis and the journey that came with it became the story. Mostly because while I was doing research, I realized I needed more than medical information, images and statistics. I longed for something more about what it was like to be a patient and how I could transcend this medical situation. The answer eventually was within me. There are so many unknowns with this diagnosis I decided to pull back the curtain on cancer, to share the candid perspective from a patient’s point of view that I was looking for and hopefully give others an intimate window into what you can experience when cancer becomes part of your life. The 13-part docu-series chronicles my treatment and recovery from Breast Cancer and how my mindset and gratitude became an anchor to embrace my diagnosis, and focus on a deeper healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. In creating and sharing my story, my intention is to encourage others to THRIVE and shines a light of resilience for anyone that faces adversity each and every day. Video series featured here: