Anita Weber

Living with MBC


30 Years and Beyond

I was first diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in December 1994.i was 60 years old I was the first person in my family ever to get breast cancer. I believe the cause was environmental. I was treated with radiation and five years tamoxifen.
I went along blissfully , past the five year survival rate with flying colors.
Then in the late spring of 2016 i experienced a pain in my right shoulder while doing water exercises. It persisted, i ignored it thinking it was a strain from the exercise but i did not want to give it up.
Late fall 2016 i had a bone scan and 4th stage cancer was discovered in my bones at the site i had been experiencing pain all along.
I had radiation then , started on letrozole . When cancer recurred in three places in spring 2023 , I received radiation in my shoulder, back and breast., and then had Ibrance added to my treatment.
I have strong suspicions as to why i got cancer when no one else in my family did .
Besides it being environmental, i succumbed again following traumatic life changing events .
This December it will be 30 years since my first diagnosis
This year will be 8 years since my stage 4 diagnosis.
I now live in an independent living facility where i am fairly active in the many activities offered .